Lunch break Sketch Time

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If you go down to the woods today…

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…your sure of a big surprise !  Here a few bears I have made over time and space.






James and the Giant Peach… A selection of printed textiles

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Expanding on my previous work on my take of James and the Giant Peach , I thought it relevant to show the development of textiles for some of the other characters in the production (Spider and Ladybird).

These characters were formed to be very different and hopefully that is reflected through the textiles. Mrs. Ladybird is a homely being and member of the W.I. I based this characters textile prints on some images and visual developments from a WW2 home. The design displayed is actually that of the final scene we see Mrs. Ladybird in ,when she marries the head of the fire department. so the textiles and design are slightly different to how they would have been throughout the production .

An overview of textile ideas presentation board for Mrs. Ladybird

A close up of some the detail of the prints.

A little close up of the design.

One of my personal favourite discharge prints on to black velvet for Mrs. Ladybird.

Miss. Spider was female british intelligence agent , relating to the idea of being hated and no-one being able to be close to her. she was a single women of sophistication and modern thinking but also lonely and full of regrets and sorrows for those she had lost.

An overview of the presentation board I created for Miss. Spider. Showing a hard

and dark exterior covering a delicate sorrow and sadness.

A close up of the fabrics.


A walk in the park

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I was flicking through some previous work and came across my photography work from college . Photographs taken first thing on a sunday sunday morning in July time a few years ago on my late Film SLR.

The sunshine is lovely .


Cushion Comfort

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Having worked in London doing an internship at Jenny Packham for a couple of months in the sampling and pattern cutting department, I returned home to begin working for an small interior design company The Room Interiors ,specialising in textiles for interiors. This was a big change but interesting to sample a textile career path as opposed to a fashion/costume career path. This gave me inspiration to go out source some printed fabrics to make my own cushions. These fabrics were from Ikea and I liked the combination of prints in particular the black and white negative leaf print against the orange and black birds fabric. This was just a little quick project but very comfortable so I thought I would share a photograph  .

The fabrics I used can be found at

Leading on from my own little personal project , I have been asked in my spare time to complete a mini textile revamp of a friends home outside of my work for the Interior Design Company in my spare time, which is very exciting and I hope to posting some colour and fabric ideas soon .


Jenny Packham

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As part of my degree I took a placement year in my 3rd year and began arranging placements . I was lucky enough to be accepted on as an intern at Jenny Packham in London as an intern in the Pattern cutting and sampling room . A very exciting opportunity. Jenny Packham was a graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art and has many famous and glamourous clientele including the lovely Jenifer Aniston , Keira Knightly and Beyonce to name a few. she has won many awards for her designs in both high end fashion design and bridal wear design. She has also provided dresses for film and television such as James Bond : Casino Royale and Sex and the City.

Above I have shown some of my favourite dresses I was lucky enough to see up close from the SS12 collection the cuts ,quality and detail are amazing and I loved the experience of working there with such a dedicated and skilled team and was very sad to leave but thought I would celebrate my time there with a few yummy images. I had always loved Jenny’s designs (the drama ,luxurious fabrics, intricate beadwork with the introduction of beautiful prints subtle well thought through colour palettes to name a few) and I think I appreciate them even more now and have been left feeling inspired and ambitious after my experience there .  I feel I really want to develop my pattern cutting more and intend to do so at home (even flat pattern drafting for lack of a mannequin!). I can’t wait for my next opportunity to work in this kind of environment I felt I really got to grips with processes and methods by the time I left.

The Jenny Packham dress featured on Caterina Murino in Casino Royale © 2006 Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved

The Jenny Packham dress featured on Caterina Murino in Casino Royale © 2006 Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved



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This is my response to a brief set of James and The Giant Peach . I worked from the script adaptation but occasionally referred to the book for inspiration. My response was created within in World War 2 , particularly around the time of the Blitz. I fitted James into the story as an evacuee and the peach was not only an escape from his wicked aunts but also an escape from the War time . The insects inside The Giant Peach had all decided they had seen enough of war ,the insects portrayed through different roles (e.g. the Grasshopper was a retired general and the Ladybird a devote member of the W.I. ). The were escaping Britain and going to Switzerland !

The Cloudmen were the characters I feel developed most thoroughly, they were Fighter pilots therefore spending most of their time in the atmosphere developing with the weather. The Cloudman I created was a rather rainy day Cloudman with prints inspired by water, war time paraphernalia , parachutes and components. I didn’t want the character to have a particular side in the war but more a general mysterious unknown feel to them , changeable.

As to the construction the jacket was flat pattern drafted to the models measurements following a typical RAF styling from the time. The trousers were also flat pattern drafted typical high waisted made to be worn with button braces. The plastic structure around the neck was formed on a stand using wires and PVC and trying and testing various methods and approaches. The neck and arm ties were hand dyed and printed. All of the fabrics were dyed to a consistent tried and tested colour.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the processes and think the development of different colour ways and variations would develop the collection of Cloudmen.